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10 Days of Christianity - Option 02

Ten days Christian oriented tour, the second option:

Day 1:
Landing in Ben Gurion airport. Free afternoon and evening in Tel Aviv to acclimatized after your travels.
Overnight- Tel Aviv

Day 2+3:
The city of Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city in Israel. Here are some of the most important and impressive sites that TLV has to offer. With 2 days in the city we will have enough time to explore the must sites and relax on the beautiful beaches of the city.

Sites to see:
Jaffa Tour: Visit the old city of Jaffa, one of the most ancient and important port cities of Israel.
Rothchild boulevard: The main street of Tel Aviv, full of history combined with modern Tel Aviv. On this street, Ben Gurion declare Israel's independence.
Independence hall: The birth place of the state of Israel, we will see from the inside the place where this historical moment took place.
Hacarmel market: The biggest and the main market of the city, great for local food and atmosphere.

Levinsky Market: The food and spices market.
Ayalon institute: An underground and exciting secret weapon factory from the 40's, When Israel was fighting for independence.
Apolonya National park: A beautiful crusaders fortress on the beautiful coast line.
Overnight- Tel Aviv

Day 4:
After saying good bye to Tel Aviv, we will head north the one of the most beautiful places in Israel, the ancient city of Cessraia dated to the Roman period, a true must when visiting Israel.
After Spending time in Cessaria, we will have lunch in the pictorial town of Zichron Yaakov and we will Visit the world famous and award winning winery of the town. From there we will continue heading north to the city of Haifa.
Sites in Haifa:
Bahai Garden's- The outstandingly beautiful Second most holy place in the Bahai religion.
Optional cites:
The German colony.
Stella marris.
Overnight- Acre.

Day 5:
Acre old city- Visit the underground Crusaders city, and walk thru the old and full of colors market.
Rosh Hanikra- A unique geological phenomenal- grottoes overlooking the Lebanon border.
Overnight- Acre

Day 6:
Drive to the Kabbala center of the world, the old and spiritual city of Tzfat. In this special town we'll visit synagogues, unique art galleries and walk around the 16th century town. Golan heights:
Lunch at a Druze village.
Banias – a short hike in a national park, beside the Banias river, a main water source in Israel and the base of a Roman town.
Bental overlook – a lookout on the Israeli neighbor Syria.

The Hula valley nature reserve.
Overnight- at the Sea of Galilei

Day 7:
Visit the holy Christian sites around the sea of Galilei: Capernaum, Mount of beatitude, Tabaha and Magdala. Overlook from Mount Arbel (optional hike) or from the Belvoir Fortress, a Crusader fortress overlooking the Sea of Galilei.
Drive to Jerusalem
Optional stop on the way at Beit Shean, one of the most preserved Roman cities in Israel, or Qaser el Yahud- A holy place for Jews and Christians in the Jordan river.
Overnight: Jerusalem

Days 8+9:
2 days in Jerusalem combining these sites: City of David + Davidson archeology park: The birthplace of Jerusalem as a capital where King David built his castle. We can walk through Hezekiah tunnel, the tunnel that led water from the Gihon spring to the fortified city.
Jerusalem Old city tour: walk through the historical and holy old city of Jerusalem. We will explore the special and holy places with in the 4 quarters of the city: the Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Arminian. As part of the day we will walk parts of the famous Via Dolorosa on the way to The church of the holy sepulcher. And will have some alone time at the Western wall, the holiest site for the Jews. Rabbinical Tunnels: incredible underground tunnels that reviles an underground world and parts of the western wall.
Shuk – the vibrant Ben Yehuda market, the biggest market in Israel, full of delicious food, colors and true Israeli spirit.
Yad Vashem – The new and renovated Holocaust Museum.
Israel Museum – the official museum of Israel, full of art and history. One of the main and exciting exhibits there are the Dead Sea scrolls and an impressive model of Jerusalem from the first century (The Second temple time).

Overnight: Jerusalem\ Bedouin hospitality

Day 10:
Massada- The most visited cite in Israel. Its unbelievable to walk in the desert and to see a fort so well preserved dated to 2000 years ago, an Iconic site in the Jewish and Israeli heritage. The last place standing during the great revolt.
Dead sea- The lowest place on earth, -1200 feet below sea level. So salty that you can easily float, a true experience.
Ein Gedi- A natural oasis in the middle of the desert. A short hike to a refreshing waterfall, one who mentioned many times in the bible.
Qumeran- The discovery place of the dead sea scrolls, the home to one of the most mysteries controversies in the archeology world.
Overnight JLM or the Dead sea area

Day 11:
Leisure to Explore and relax in Tel Aviv before the flight.

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